Book Review: Trickery – Curse of the Gods

This isn’t going to be very long. Simply because there isn’t much to talk about with this book. But have you ever read one of those books that seem to not really have a purpose, and you’re just blindly following along, reading aimlessly and asking yourself “Uh, wait…what?” That’s this book. I had many moments where I kept scractching my head, wondering where this would all lead. And you know…it didn’t really go anywhere.

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Before I continue on, let’s summorize here. I kept seeing this book pop up under suggestions on my kindle, and while the synopsis didn’t really do it for me, I took the plunge anyway. The story starts off in a world known as Minatsol, with a girl named Willa Knight. She’s a dweller, who are slaves to the maybe-would-be-gods called the Sols – the dominate race of Minatsol. Oh, and there are the real Gods who live on Topia. Willa is CLUMSY. I mean, she’s annoyingly clumsy. I don’t know how many times I rolled my eyes at her clumsiness.

Willa, after messing with her records to raise her scores (because she’s clumsy and stupid) is picked to go to Blesswood with her friend. She didn’t know that they would pick based on scores…anyways. In this world, two dwellers out of different areas are chosen each year to go Blesswood to live a better life by serving the sols. Blesswood is an academy that is dedicated to the Gods, and is a place for Sols to study. If they’re lucky, some of the Sols will go off to become Gods and live in Topia. Sooooo clumsy Willa heads there, realizing she got herself into a pickle. At Blesswood, if you do well to serve the Sols, you rank up. And so Willa and her friend, Emma, start their new life in Blesswood. Willa isn’t just clumsy, she also has very bad luck, so her name ends up miss spelled as Will Knight, and she is assigned to clean the male Sols dorm. This gets her the attention of the Abcurses brothers.

There are five Abcurses brothers, and they’re the strongest at Blesswood. They’re also known for going through dweller recruits quite a bit. Willa ends up assigned to the Abcurses and after winning a bet about who could get Willa sacrificed to the Gods first (supposedly recruits who fail are sacrified to the Gods, but the book only dances around this idea and not really confiming it), Willa wins and becomes apart of the group as more than just their dweller.

I don’t really want too give much away – not that there is much to give – but after an encounter with Rau – the God of Chaos, Willa ends up bound to the group of brothers, and so now they have sworn to take her in and to protect her. And what follows is…well…I felt like there wasn’t a ton of action, unless you call lusting after each brother action.

At every turn, you’re reminded of Willa’s clumsiness. I mean, she is falling so much that she spends more time being carried, picked up, or slung over the Abcurse’s shoulders. Not to mention the brothers like to argue over who Willa belongs to. There are many times where her nipples make an apperance, or she ends up naked in front of them, which leads to a pact between the brothers to not have sex with her. I also felt like an orgy would break out at any moment…it was just…weird.

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But what did I really think of this book? Well, if you’re looking for a well rounded story with an actual plot, this isn’t the book for you. But if you’re look for a good laugh, a protaganist who can be quite funny at times, or annoying – but funny – sexy men who just don’t like to listen, then yeah, this is the book for you. I didn’t expect much going into the book, and with that, I was able to enjoy it for what it was, and I’ll probably read the sequaels, just to see where it all goes. So I give it 3 stars.

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