Book Review – Everless by Sara Holland


Everless by Sara Holland

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I don’t normally give written reviews, but this book made me so mad that I just couldn’t help myself. And as I look at the reviews from some well known Goodreads reviewers… I just have to wonder if we all read the same book. Did everyone drink the kool-aid?
I mean, really! I don’t get the 4 & 5 star reviews.

This book was boooooring. I just kept waiting for something to happen. ‘Checks percentage of book while reading’ at 30%…okay, maybe it will pick up soon. ‘Checks again’ 60%, hmmm oooookay. Reaches end of book. NOTHING HAPPENED. Well, some revelations came about, but there is no action, no big “Aha!” moment. Nada, zip, zilch, rien!

The book is centered on time, and I tell you what! I wish I could use time to go backwards, to stop me from looking at this book, from looking at the glowing reviews. I wish I could get my time back. Am I being too harsh? Maybe!

Jules, the protagonist, is…yep, you guessed it: boring. And stupid. I kept saying “Why, why why?” whenever she made decisions that would obviously get her caught.

And two of the main things that bothered me about this book: too MUCH inner-dialogue and not enough actual dialogue between characters. Hardly any conversation took place in this book, and that’s, yet again…BORING!

And if I had to hear about Roan one more freaking time. Roan this! Roan that! Roan, Roan, Roan, Roan, Roan, ROOOOOOOWWWWANNNNN! ROAN! Looks around, whispers ‘Roan.’ Just one more time to prove a point. Even when it was obvious that Roan was a little slut, still, Roan this and that! And in the end, when you come to realize that he wasn’t even all that, after every nagging thought about dear Roan. UGHHHHHHHH! What gives!?

I can’t even go on. I’m not going to give a synopsis, instead I’m going to wake up tomorrow and try to forget about how I read this book, or the fact that I just about beat my keyboard to death while furiously writing this review. I know… I shouldn’t let it eat away at me but…ROAN!


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I'm just another American who married a Frenchie and now lives in France. I read books like it's the air I need to breathe. I'm a bit picky, though, as I tend to only read Young Adult fiction books. I also knit, crochet, and I try my best (which isn't very good) to paint with watercolors...and I speak Franglish, half English and half French because I suck at French, ha! And let's not forget that I have two fur-kitties named Ruby and Lumi!

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