Book Review – Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey & Krystal Wade

Our Dark StarsOur Dark Stars by Audrey Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC for this on Netgalley for an honest review. Even though the book is already out and I read it a couple weeks ago, I’m just now having time to sit down and write a review. This review will be short, but that’s not because I didn’t like it, quite the opposite actually, I just don’t want to give much away.

Dis book! DISSSSS BOOKIE-WOOKIE was a big surprise for me. The world building, the characters, the action, and the tiny bit of romance got me SHOOK!

Our Dark Stars centers on two main characters, Will and Talia, and starts out with each in a different time, but quickly syncs up later on in the book.

Will Perrault

Our Dark Stars opens during the year 3731 A.D. with Will, a once-human turned Ender (droid), and his crew of misfits. Will is the captain of the Odysseus in space, and he is in search of something big, something that will return him to the good graces of the Queen so he can once again captain the Athena and his old crew. Because of this, Will is reckless and will do anything, even making crazy decisions to retrieve a mysterious object in a dangerous part of space. But once he retrieves it, he’s not so sure he made the catch of the day.

Talia Starchaser

One hundred years before Will comes across the floating object in space, Talia Starchaser is the junior sovereign of of the 7 seven planets. She comes from the Starchaser Dynasty, which goes back thousands of years when humans were in search of another galaxy to find habitable planets because Earth was wasting away. It is her ancestors who made sacrifice upon sacrifice and came upon 7 new planets for humans to inhabite. In this new galaxy, there are spaceships, droids, a bunch of high-tech savy stuff, and now a war between humans and droids.

Talia has her own droid, a junior mock called Ailat; Talia spelled backwards. Droids were made as mock companions but humans, but a recent “virus” has begun to infect the droids with human emotions, like rebelling. So the humans devised a test to see which droid was infected. The test is to command the droid to cut their finger, and if they hesitate or refuse, they were already infected with the virus. Talia explains that Ailat had a very questionable result; Ailat hesitated for just a moment, and since Talia sees her junior companion as a dear friend, she paid Ailat’s tester to keep her from further testing.

While a rebellion continues on, Talia has another problem: She’s to be married off to a ruthless prince from another planet. Her family makes it clear that this match must work, and so Talia puts on a brave face. It is during her meeting with her betrothed, their meeting being broadcast to everyone, that Talia is forced to treat Ailat with coldness. Talia’s betrothed also commands her to kill Ailat to prove her loyalty to humans and to him. Seeing no way out of this, with everything on the line for her family, she gives Ailat the device that will end her own life, hoping that Ailat will refuse.

Ailat does exactly what Talia expects: She defies Talia’s order and escapes. The engagement is called off and Talia begins a search for Ailat. This all dwindles down to Ailat betraying Talia. Talia’s family is soon being set upon by the rebellious droids and the only option is to keep Talia, the future of the Starchaser dynasty, alive and safe as she is forced into a sort of coffin-shaped hibernation box and ejected deep into space where Will finds her 100 years later.

When Talia awakes, she doesn’t realize how much time has passed and she is shocked to be in the hands of droids; droids that are unnervingly realistic to humans now. Talia comes to realize that the galaxy is no longer run by humans (called Fleshers), but by droids (called Enders).

I’m going to stop right there because there are so many interesting things that transpire after Talia is a awoken, and I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else. But I really enjoyed this book. The world building is interesting and unique; the interaction between Talia and Will is believable; the ending makes you wonder if there will even be a second book. I hope there is because it just CAN’T end like that. IT CAN’T!

There are also other likeable characters who are apart of Will’s crew: Leo, Lux, Jane and Dorian

Leo is a ladies man; Dorian and Lux are brother and sister, with Lux being a small tough gal; Jane is Will’s co-captain, and she is glitching a lot lately, which is a sign that she needs to change bodies.





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